Why Waterproofing?

Buildings are long-lasting, comfortable and healthy; It is only possible if it is designed and built correctly and protected against external effects that damage the structure. One of the most important factors affecting the structures is water.
Waterproofing Protects the Structure
Waterproofing Provides Comfort
Waterproofing Contributes to Economy

Waterproofing Mats

Bituminous covers: They are waterproofing membranes that are mostly used in areas that can be intervened later in buildings and have high crack bridging properties.
Sliding Based Materials
Cement-based materials: Although fully elastic and semi-elastic, they are sliding type materials used in wet areas, balconies, terraces and pools in buildings.
Bitumen-based materials:They are sliding-based materials with a high modulus of elasticity and mostly used at the underground level of buildings.
Polyurethane based materials:They are new generation waterproofing materials that can be applied as a definitive solution in green buildings and areas with very difficult detail solutions..


Thermal insulations are the applications made to reduce the energy costs caused by the external conditions of our buildings and to protect our building in both cold and hot weather.


Mantolama: Sheathing

Terrace Thermal Insulation: It is the protection of the concrete slabs where the most heat loss occurs in our buildings and the coating systems that provide heat saving to the buildings.