20 Reasons to Invest in Real Estate in Northern Cyprus


Northern Cyprus, is one of the most interesting regions of the Mediterranean, manages to attract the attention of investors. Investors prefer Northern Cyprus both for profitability and for many different purposes. Are you looking for reasons that will facilitate your choice when investing in Northern Cyprus? Then it's time to take a closer look at the specific reasons for each other!

The Climate

You can enjoy the warm weather all year round in Northern Cyprus, where the climatic conditions are quite ideal.


Northern Cyprus is a country where there is no need for a visa for citizens of countries that are not members of the European Union. For this reason, visa-free travel is possible in Northern Cyprus.

Near “0” Crime Rate

Northern Cyprus is a country with a very low crime rate. Therefore, you will not face any problems with security.


The people living in Northern Cyprus are very friendly to the guests. Therefore, it is possible to have a pleasant time here, even if you are going to a different country.

Residence Permit

It is very easy to get a residence permit for people who want to invest in Northern Cyprus. Therefore, those who are going to invest may start living here without any difficulties.

Low Prices

Northern Cyprus is one of the most ideal countries to choose for investing. At the heart of this situation are low prices. You can have the advantage of low prices when making very luxurious and comfortable investments in the Mediterranean.


The Rising Investment

Northern Cyprus is a very special place for valuing investments. It has turned into an attraction center with investments that have been increasing in recent years. This has increased the value of previous investments.

Low Tax Rate

One of the biggest advantages of investing in Northern Cyprus is the low tax rates. You can take advantage of options with tax payments that are much lower than the amounts that you will pay by making a similar investment in a different country.

Higher Rental Income

If you are considering your income in Northern Cyprus, where you will make your investments, you should know that rental solutions are quite advantageous. Because thanks to the rental real estate income, your investments will be able to pay for themselves in a short time.

Unspoilt Beauties

Although Northern Cyprus is very close to Europe, it has not yet received the necessary attention. For this reason, it manages to attract attention with its natural beauty and its unique structure.

Rich Culture

Northern Cyprus has been a residential area for both Turks and Greeks. In this aspect, you can find a wonderful harmony between the two cultures. As an investor in this country, where cultural wealth is at the forefront, you will also be very pleased.

University Opportunities

Northern Cyprus has made serious breakthroughs in the field of education in recent years. The fact that the country has a strong infrastructure has allowed investors to increasingly choose Northern Cyprus in this regard. You can also choose Northern Cyprus by considering this detail.

Tourist Features

Northern Cyprus is one of the countries that has survived with tourism in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Its use of natural beauties in a very good way has provided a serious advantage in tourism in recent years. This increase has also made it possible for investors to achieve more profitable results.

Cheap LifeStyle

Northern Cyprus is a cheaper country compared to Southern Cyprus. Although living standards are almost the same, less spending drives many investors here. You can also make a quality-oriented choice by evaluating the most ideal options in this regard.

Easy Money Transaction

It will be easy for you to make your investments in a country where money movements are not very questioned. Because you need to submit documents and put forward evidence on many issues, such as the source of the money. Although you need very serious paperwork in a European country, you won't face this kind of difficulty in Northern Cyprus.

Best Cleanest Beaches in the Area

The beaches located in Northern Cyprus are the ones with the best standards in the region. Therefore, making your investments in Northern Cyprus will bring you very serious advantages not only financially but also socially. It will also be very valuable for you to spend time in Northern Cyprus with its crystal clear beaches!

Transportation Opportunities

Ercan Airport is considered one of the most important transportation hubs in the country. Therefore, you can take action by using modern and comfortable options to get to the country. Flights to many countries are possible from Ercan Airport, which is one of the most modern transportation options in the region!

Underground Sources

Northern Cyprus is also a very special country in terms of underground resources. Therefore, it continues to attract attention every day. The fact that it is one of the most important alternatives for investors has made Northern Cyprus a rising star in the recent period.

Marash and Tourist Opportunities

Marash turned into a ghost town after the Cyprus Peace Operation that took place in 1974. However, this city, which was reopened in 2020, has contributed to the fact that the region has a very rich tourist structure.

Would you like to start investing in Northern Cyprus by taking advantage of all these opportunities?